Quick Answer: What Does Brutally Mean?

What does slaughtered mean?


the killing or butchering of cattle, sheep, etc., especially for food.

the brutal or violent killing of a person.

the killing of great numbers of people or animals indiscriminately; carnage: the slaughter of war..

Is it OK to be brutally honest?

Being brutally honest with someone, and having someone else be brutally honest with you, is what encourages you to improve and grow yourself. … Brutal honesty, then, is neither a “good” or “bad” thing—it is simply a process in itself. It is “the way,” the path that allows for the most growth.

What’s the opposite of forgiveness?

What is the opposite of forgiveness?punishmentchargecensurecorrectionsentencechastisementdisciplinesanctionfiningcomeuppance23 more rows

What is brutal truth?

2 extremely honest or coarse in speech or manner. 3 harsh; severe; extreme.

How can I be brutally honest with someone?

Don’t just launch straight into the tough love. Give them the opportunity to prepare themselves for it. Explain that you care about them. Explain that you have to tell them something you believe they need to hear, and prepare them for the degree of honesty they’re about to get from you.

What is meant by humane?

adjective. characterized by tenderness, compassion, and sympathy for people and animals, especially for the suffering or distressed:humane treatment of prisoners. acting in a manner that causes the least harm to people or animals: humane trapping of stray pets.

What is the opposite of brutal?

Antonyms: humane, mild, indirect. Synonyms: savage, relentless, fell, grim, beastly, unrelenting, stern, brute(a), roughshod, unappeasable, cruel, barbarous, vicious, brutish, unforgiving, inexorable, bestial, persistent. beastly, bestial, brute(a), brutish, brutal(adj)

What does brutally honest mean?

If someone expresses something unpleasant with brutal honesty or frankness, they express it in a clear and accurate way, without attempting to disguise its unpleasantness. brutally adverb [ADVERB adjective, ADVERB with verb]

What is brutal act?

A brutal act or person is cruel and violent. He was the victim of a very brutal murder. … the brutal suppression of anti-government protests.

What brutality means?

noun, plural bru·tal·i·ties. the quality of being brutal; cruelty; savagery. a brutal act or practice.

What is cruel?

1 : disposed to inflict pain or suffering : devoid of humane feelings a cruel tyrant has a cruel heart. 2a : causing or conducive to injury, grief, or pain a cruel joke a cruel twist of fate.

What is opposite of innocent?

Antonyms for innocent blamable, immoral, unvirtuous, corrupt, sinful, bad, knowledgeable, evil, impure, experienced, cunning, stained, guilty.

What do you call someone who is very direct?

candid. adjective. honest and direct, even when the truth is not pleasant.

What is another word for brutally?

In this page you can discover 42 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for brutally, like: mercilessly, heartlessly, ruthlessly, harshly, cruelly, relentlessly, murderously, pitilessly, remorselessly, inexorably and hard-heartedly.

What does police brutality mean?

Police brutality or excessive use of force by law enforcement can be legally defined as a civil rights violation, where law enforcement officers exercise undue or excessive force against a subject.

What savagery means?

the quality of being savage1a : the quality of being savage. b : an act of cruelty or violence. 2 : an uncivilized state.

Is being brutally honest rude?

You can be brutally honest around people you consider close or those who you care about, even though you think it hurts. But by being brutally honest sometimes you’re taken as rude. … However you should not go out of your way and hurt someone/ be mean in the name of ‘Honesty’.

When someone is straight to the point?

adjective. going straight to the point; frank; direct; outspoken: It’s sometimes difficult to be forthright and not give offense. proceeding in a straight course; direct; straightforward: a forthright glance.

How do you describe someone who is direct?

If you describe a person or their behavior as direct, you mean that they are honest and open, and say exactly what they mean. He avoided giving a direct answer.

What’s a word for being straightforward?

honest, frank, candid, open, truthful, sincere, on the level, honest-to-goodness. forthright, plain-speaking, direct, unambiguous, straight from the shoulder, downright, not afraid to call a spade a spade. informal upfront, on the square. North American informal two-fisted, on the up and up.