Question: What Is The Most Popular Magazine?

The Watchtower is the most widely distributed magazine in the world, with a circulation of more than 25 million.

Which is the best magazine?

50 Best US Magazines

  • Forbes. Arguably the most famous American business magazine, Forbes is read by all manor of professionals for updated news, especially pertaining to business and finance.
  • Bloomberg Businessweek.
  • Time.
  • People.
  • WIRED.
  • The Atlantic.
  • Entertainment Weekly.
  • Entrepreneur.

Popular magazines are designed to inform without in-depth analysis. The content includes entertainment personality profiles and current popular culture articles. Magazines are not scholarly sources! Information published in popular periodicals is often second or third hand and the original source is rarely mentioned.

What is the most read magazine in the US?

The most read magazines in America

  1. Cosmopolitan – About 85 percent of the readers are women, while 58.1 percent are between the ages of 18 and 34, and 27.9 percent are between 35 and 49.
  2. ESPN The Magazine – The median age of readers is 33.
  3. Sports Illustrated – The median age of readers is 38, with 43 percent falling between the ages of 18 and 34.